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Youth Enrollment Caps

By Jaimere Washington, 06/13/18, 7:45PM EDT


Parents should act fast as enrollment caps have been placed on all four sections.

For this Fall 2018 Youth League Season, roster caps will be placed on all four Youth League sections. The roster caps for each Section are, 184 (Southside), 96 (North Park), 128 (Monroeville), and 128 (Slippery Rock). To display how important parents and players are to the league, we developed a chart that will keep everyone in sync so no one is left out.

This chart will be located at the very bottom of the youth registration page, that includes updates on enrollment numbers and a look at previous enrollment numbers from past seasons. This will serve as a mediator between the league and parents.

When understanding this chart, three primary colors will represent the current status of each section’s roster. For example, if the numbers are green this means there’s still a lot of roster space to sign up. Yellow means the parent should take swift action in signing up their child or children for the Fall season. Once the roster number for that section turns red, the enrollment has been capped.

Section Current Status Fall 2018 Cap Spring 2018 Fall 2017
Southside 162 184 270 168
North Park 95 96 101 52
Monroeville 76 128 93 49
Slippery Rock 21 128 22 NA
Section 5 [TBD] NA NA

Looking back at the enrollment numbers from the Spring 2018 season, the Southside Section  boasted an exciting number of new and returning players. However after reviewing the feedback from the parent survey we found that announcing before the season what the limits are will provide improved transparency. With the immediate growth in registrations, the Southside Section went from 12 to 25 within the last 5 days. In recent data gatherings this section historically receives a high number of youth registrations, especially around mid July.   

In a perfect world the league will aim to have each Section at an enrollment number at or around 184 players. As the popularity of flag football continues to grow, it is critical that we as a league are in a position to provide a great experience for each of the players.

As a reminder the deadline to register for the Fall Season is September 1st.

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