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Redskins vs 49ers

By Ryan Zimba, 05/17/18, 12:45AM EDT


Redskins vs 49ers

As the dust settled in the 7-to-9 year-old playoffs Sunday afternoon, the favorites in the division were the only ones left standing with a shot at the championship. In the final, the top-seeded REDSKINS beat the No. 2 49ERS 6-0, in what was a very defensive contest.

Each team had no trouble making it to the championship game, winning all of their games by double digits. The teams were clearly the best in the division, and they were on a collision course from the beginning of the tournament.

The REDSKINS started the game with the ball and quickly picked up the first down, putting them in position to take an early lead. The offense came up short, though, turning the ball over on downs.

Both teams turned the ball over on their ensuing possessions, with the 49ERS going out on downs and the REDSKINS throwing an interception to Landon Bopp. With the ball in REDSKINS’ territory, the 49ERS had a quality scoring chance before halftime. The REDSKINS’ defense stood tall, though, making the stop to keep the game tied at 0.

The REDSKINS now had their own chance to score before the break as time wound down under a minute. They took advantage, breaking the deadlock with a touchdown run by Nelson Coleman to take a 6-0 advantage at the half.

Coming out of the break, the 49ERS’ offense looked to shift the momentum in their favor. Early in the drive, it seemed like they might’ve done just that, as Bopp broke a run up the middle for a touchdown. But as the 49ERS celebrated, the referee called the play back for flag guarding, and the REDSKINS eventually got the ball back on downs.

After several turnovers by each team, the 49ERS had one last chance to change the outcome with two minutes left. The REDSKINS defense crushed any hopes of a comeback, though, stuffing the 49ERS and running out the clock to win the championship.

Every team in the division fought hard throughout the season, but in the end, the REDSKINS deserved to win the title. With their 6-0 regular season record and easy playoff run, they had proven they were the division's best team. Next season, these kids will look to take home another title while those that came up short will look to improve and begin another run at the championship.

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