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Pouring Rain Didn’t Stop the Packers from sending the Vikings Packing; Packers VS Vikings

By Amy Jupena, 11/03/17, 7:30PM EDT


The Packers sent the Vikings packing with an ending score of 46-20.

The rain was pouring on top of your head as if you were under a shower. The breeze was so chilly it felt like you were standing in front of an air conditioner. The wind was howling like a wolf. But do you think that discouraged the teams from showing up to play? No, it absolutely did not! Football is played in all elements, from the freezing cold to the scorching heat and everywhere in between. It takes strength and stamina to be able to perform in such conditions. Two of the teams that were to go head to head were the pulverizing Packers and the vicious Vikings. Unfortunately, only three of the Vikings players showed up so we had to play a 3 on 3 match up.

The Packers team consisted of: Ethan Pastor, Josephine D’Andries, Chase Schrecengost, Devin Dix, & Sam Thompson. The coach leading the Packers was Coach Warren Jackson.

The Vikings team consisted of: Carol Edgar, Caleb Stark, Christian Maize, Dominic Contillo, & Dorian Wells. The coach leading the Vikings was Coach ShorD. 

The pumped up Packers and the valued Vikings met in the center of the field for the coin toss. The Packers called heads in the air and alas it was heads so they chose to get the ball second half.

The Vikings started on the opening drive of this game. On first down was an incomplete pass. During second down yet another incomplete pass. It was their last down of their opening drive. Hopeful to get the first down, the Vikings quarterback threw with all her might to her receiver down field but the Vikings couldn’t hold onto it which resulted in a fumble with the Packers coming up with the ball.

The Packers opening drive began with E. Pastor in to snap to S. Thompson who pitched it to D. Dix with the long run downfield dodging defenders for the touchdown. The Packers touchdown gave them a 6-0 lead against the Vikings. The Pack chose to go for two. An throw in the end zone wound up as an incompelte pass to intended receiver E. Pastor. 

It was now the Vikings turn to get possession of the ball hoping to have a more successful drive than their unsuccessful start. On first down of their next set of downs was a dropped pass from the snapper to the quarterback. On second down the Vikings fumbled again on the snap. On third down they were able to hold on to the ball long enough to pass it downfield with hopes of making the first down but the pass was batted down by Packers S. Thompson. 

The Packers fresh set of downs started out with E. Pastor in to snap to S. Thompson who handed it off to D. Dix who then hooked to the left and dashed downfield darting away from defenders to score the touchdown. 12-0 Packers. The Pack chose to go for two. They were unable to obtain control of the ball since it was such slippers conditions.  

The Vikings needed to step up their game if they were going to catch up to the Pack. A long pass downfield for the Vikings was completed in the end zone for the touchdown. 14-6 Packers. They chose to go for one. A pass to C. Edgar again for extra point being good putting the Vikings only seven points away to tie the Pack making the score 14-7.  

A time out was called by the Packers with only one minute remaining in the first half. S. Thompson in to snap it to D. Dix who threw it back to S. Thompson for a loss. During second down S. Thompson handed it off to D. Dix who ran it in for the touchdown. D. Dix’s touchdown put the points on for the Pack giving them the lead 20-7. The Pack went for a two point conversion, but S. Thompson was intercepted in the end zone which put us at halftime with the score Packers 20, Vikings 7. 

The Pack was back to start the second half.  The Packers started with E. Pastor back in to snap to S. Thompson but was short of the first down marker. On second down a handoff from D. Dix to S. Thompson put the Pack at a loss. The Packers pulled themselves together and persevered. S. Thompson with the handoff to D. Dix who then dodged defenders and spun his way to the end zone getting the touchdown for a score of 26-7. The Pack was feeling confident so they went for two and with a pass from E. Pastor to C. Schrecengost gave them the completion giving the Packers a 28-15 lead. 

The Vikings seemed like they were losing their voltage. C. Schrecengost of the Packers with the blitz on first down. On second down a nice run from D. Wells rowed the Vikings forward 13-28. The extra point was a pass which was nearly picked off by Packers E. Pastor. The Packers pushed onward toward their pursuit of victory. On first down a snap from E. Pastor to D. Dix with a handoff to S. Thompson resulted in a gain of a few. On second down a pass from D. Dix to S. Thompson went right through the arms of S. Thompson. On third down a snap from E. Pastor with a handoff from S. Thompson to D. Dix who then took it to the house for the touchdown. The Packers continued to prevail with a score of 34-14. 

Time was winding down. The Vikings were running out of time to pass up the Pack. On first down the Vikings quarterback D. Wells handed it off to C. Edgar for a gain of a few. On second down a long pass from D.Wells to D. Contillo set them up at first and goal. D. Contillo in to snap to D. Wells who launched one downfield to Carol but unfortunately she couldn’t keep her hands on it on first and goal. Second and goal, D. Contillo to D. Wells with the run but was called back because they were in the no run zone. On third down they couldn’t covert thanks to the ball being too slippery to hold onto it. 

The Packers were pumped up. They sweet taste of victory graced the Packers lips they could almost taste it. On first down for the Pack, E. Pastor threw a spiral to S. Thompson for a gain of about ten. During second down, E. Pastor snapped it back to S. Thompson who then threw it down field to D. Dix who again took it into the end zone for the touchdown. Giving the Packers a 40-14 lead over the Vikings. The Packers were not able to get the extra point which resulted in the Vikings getting the ball back. 

It was Vikings ball. The Vikings ran for a gain. The Vikings trying to put their momentum into motion but unfortunately time was against them. On second down a hopeful pass downfield but was intercepted by Packers D. Dix who scurried downfield for the touchdown. 46-14. Again on this drive they couldn’t get the extra point.  The Packers were full proof with their play calling. Forty-two seconds remained and it was first down for the Vikings. The Vikings faked the pass and pitched it to the left with a long run downfield to put them at first and goal. With twenty seconds on the clock remaining. The Vikings were still down thirty-two points.

On first and goal a pass which could have landed them in the end zone came up incomplete. On Second down a touchdown pass from D. Wells to C. Edgar put the Vikings only down by twenty-six with a score of 20-46. They too couldn’t grab their extra points. The clock ticked town from ten. The Packers with a Hail Mary down the field was ruled incomplete. Time expired in the game on this gloomy Sunday afternoon. Both teams were tired, cold, and wet. They both showed respect and good sportsmanship as they shook hands and congratulated each other on a good game. The Packers sent the Vikings packing with an ending score of 46-20. 

A few comments from the active Packers players; Sam Thompson, Ethan Pastor, Chase Schrecengost, & Dennis Dix

What’s your favorite part about blitzing? 

Chase Schrecengost- “I love hoping that I’ll pull the flag and hopefully not have them score the touchdown.”

What was the hardest part about playing in the rain?

Ethan Pastor- “Holding onto the ball.” 

How did you feel when you picked the ball off of the Vikings?

Devin Dix- “I felt that I just won the game for our team.”

How does the cold affect you?

Sam Thompson- “Cold effects me and it makes my hands numb. It was hard to catch because of the rain but we won the game and we did it for Josie (D’Andries).” 

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