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Seven Adult Teams Battled It Out For The PFFL Championship

By Dan Kaufman, 08/14/19, 10:45PM EDT


Coming into the playoffs with the first ranked defense, the HONEY BADGERS only managed to pull a fourth overall seed.

PITTSBURGH - Seven teams represented by the Adult League have been battling it out all summer long to be crowned champion. SHOW ME YOUR TD’S were almost unstoppable on both sides of the ball tallying an 8-2 record. Both SUPREME TEAM and WESTWOOD CONNECTION only had one win a piece in the regular season and struggled to find morale before the playoffs. 

Some spectators were shocked by the competitiveness all seven of these teams brought to the playing field every Tuesday night, and that intensity played out as usual during the playoffs.  

PFFL STEEL was the dark horse coming into the playoffs being led by strong quarterback play from Joey Mayer on offense and outstanding defensive play by veteran Carter Haney. As a result, the PFFL STEEL was knocked out early in the first round by the veteran play calling of Dan Kaeffer and the HONEY BADGERS.  

Coming into the playoffs with the first ranked defense, the HONEY BADGERS only managed to pull a fourth overall seed. Needless to say, rankings did not matter on that Tuesday night as the HONEY BADGERS marched all the way to the championship defeating another veteran squad in NEON BLACK.

NEON BLACK who came into the playoffs with the second overall seed relied heavily on its offense. Led by longtime PFFL quarterback Denny Sentile, the offense seemed to be unstoppable  with performance season long by Michael Coffman who has 23 receptions which is almost double the amount of anyone else on the team.

Squeaking by with a win over BUILT DIFFERENT in the second round which was a team that also relied heavily on a receiver play. Shane McFarland had a ridiculous 43 receptions this season which was more than the next two receiving leaders on his team combined was not enough to advance the team.

WESTWOOD CONNECTION and SUPREME TEAM fell early in the playoffs as well by large margins of victory which many would say was a lack of team cohesion. SHOW ME YOUR TD’S was the biggest upset of the playoffs as they were ranked with the top seed and the best offense during the regular season. Their demise came at the hands of eventual the eventual champions.

Congrats to the HONEY BADGERS on a great season!